USAA FSB Routing Number (Federal Savings Bank)

Talking about USAA FSB routing number is that it is very easy to get right routing Number of USAA Federal Saving bank, but you just need to put some time to get the accurate working code for the selective branch of USAA FSB routing Number. If you are not familiar with what is routing number, then let we explain it first.


What Is a USAA Routing Number?

Routing number have several abbreviations like as ABA number or bank transit routing number. The Federal US reserve uses a special code of nine digits to each financial institutions and this is known as routing number.

Except of USAA bank, which has only one routing number other financial banks have several branches all over the country, which means they have to use various code for specific branch and its location. So that if you want to transfer fund electronically to particular branch of particular location, you can use that routing number to identify and send the money

Decoding your USAA routing number.

In order to understand the significance of routing number, you need to understand what nine digits means. The Federal Reserve uses the initial two digits for the code to show the location of financial institute and which Federal District they are located in like, for example the number 01 means institute is in Boston or the number 12 means institute is in San Francisco. The next two digits are in-coded to identify the banks location and regional processing center. Altogether, the initial four digits are known as Federal Reserve Processing Symbol.

Fifth to Eighth digits are designated to identify the particular branch, like USAA, chase or TD bank. The last digit is known as the check digit as it will prevent against fraud and ensures the validity of entire routing number. Last digit is generated using mathematical algorithm.

How to use USAA Routing Numbers for International Wire Transfers

To transfer International wires, check transfer and ACH transfers, USAA customers will use the same routing number for all of them. But for other banks as they have several branches, so they will issue different routing umbers for different services i.e. separate number for paper transfers like check, separate for electronic one like wire transfers.

There is another number which is required for transferring money using wire transfers and that is SWIFT code, however there is no such requirement in case of USAA bank. Swift code is coded as of either eight or eleven characters, which is combination of both numbers and letters. For checking SWIFT code please contact the particular bank in case you want to do international wire transfer.

How to Find Your USAA Routing Number?

In order to find the USAA routing number, you can simply find in on your checkbook if you have checking account with the bank. Open your checkbook first and try to look at the sets of number printed on it. There will be three sets of numbers of which first set is your nine digit routing number or the number, which identifies that this check is with USAA.

  • The second set will be your USAA account number, which other financial institutions use to know which account within USAA bank from funds will be withdrawn. The last set of number is the check number. One more thing you can locate your USAA routing number by logging in your USAA account through net-banking.
  • And in case you have not be able to locate the routing number of your USAA bank, then you can simply get it by contacting USAA contact us page from institutes website or call 800-531-8722 for assistance.

Routing number is very important element of banking as without it you will not be able to either receive of transfer money from the bank. So, it is good to find a way to store and save your USAA routing number to get rid of future troubles, as it is mental as well as physical harassment if you have to go and look for routing number each and every time you receive and transfer money.


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