USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Numbers

The people who are currently a member or who wish to be a part of the USAA in future need to locate a number.

  • The number is called banks routing number. The USAA is known as the United Services Automobile Association.
  • Now, there might be many other banks which have a number of routing numbers but the federal saving branch of USAA has only a single one.
  • These routing numbers are provided and given to the members only. These members must be currently a part of the US military or must have retired. These numbers are also for their respective families.

The routing number we are talking about is 314074269.

Let us know more about the routing numbers.

USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Numbers

USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Numbers

Routing numbers may be of various kind.

These may be of ABC type routing number or a bank routing number.

  • The federal system of reserves of US provides with a nine digit number. This nine digit number is known as the routing number. The routing number is provided to the financial institutions.
  • Now this specific USAA branch has a single number as a routing number whereas the other banks which might be having a number of branches have a number of routing numbers.
  • This routing number provides us with the information about the bank and also the location of the bank.
  • At the time of transfer of money which we do in the form of paper or electronically, the routing number is used which will help and indicate where to send the money.

Now let us know more about the routing number. And how and what the routing number indicates.

Meaning of the Routing Numbers

In this section we will be seeing what does the routing number indicates and what does it mean.

So let us proceed with this.

  • To know and to understand what a specific routing number means we need to break these nine digits.
  • There are 12 financial reserve districts. So the first two digits of the routing number will be as per the location and where the financial reserve is located and in which of the twelve districts.
  • After the first two digits of the routing numbers the next of the two will be representing the location of the bank and the regional processing centre.
  • The first four digits altogether or the combination of the first four digits is known as the processing symbol of Federal reserve.
  • The next digits after four till eight will be there for representing the type of bank.
  • And the last digit is for the checking purpose. And for that reason it is known as the check digit as it is kept for keeping a track of the fraud and faults and preventing them.
  • The last digit is created by an all process of the algorithm.

Routing numbers for wire transfers

As we know that the USAA does use a single routing number for all purposes be it checks, deposits or international wire transfers.

  • But this is not the case with other banks. They use different routing numbers for different purposes. They have a different number for the paper work that is checks and deposits and a different one for the electronic and wire transfers.
  • The bank’s use a Swift code for this purpose unlike the USAA.
  • The swift code is a set of eight to eleven pair of numbers and digits altogether.

How to check your routing number

In case you need to locate and see your routing number you need to go through your own check book.

For this you need to see at the bottom of check book where you will see three sets of numbers.

These numbers are:

  • The first set will be the routing numbers in a nine digit.
  • The second one will represent your USAA account number.
  • And the third one is for your check number.

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