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I Am Searching Couples Three stooges horses collars

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Three stooges horses collars

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Right now. I know what I am attracted to. Mostly into older music, 'clboobiesic' rock or ancient folkgreens.

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I ran that down!

Curly goes crazy every time he sees a tassel, and only rubbing it on his chin will calm him down. Here's another hilarious entry in the series that manages to be very funny even if the best joke of Curley turning mad fighter is borrowed from Punch Drunks. Visible Wires You can see the wires holding Moe horzes Larry up as they're being hung by a rope.

Plot[ edit ] The Stooges are detectives in the Old West. The Stooges break out singing "You'll never know, just what tears are Was this review helpful to you?

Horses' collars () (18m 12s)

Now available on Columbia's 2-disc collection, which features over 20 shorts. Standing Ovation? Then a minute later when Zeke comes back to, he has a black eye, but Curly didn't even hit him in the eye.

When a Stooge is asked if he's a good detective, he responds "You this this heel? After an unsuccessful attempt at a saloon, the Stooges head to Decker's hideout, where they find an IOU, and Curly manages to defeat the killers.

Moe, Larry, the cheese! Missing Part When the ropes that Moe and Larry are tied to break, in the background you can see Decker unconscious with a drum busted over his head, yet they never showed how that happened.

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Moe, Larry, the cheese!!! Perhaps there was a forgotten line or the cameraman forgot to stop the filming. There's plenty of nice action including a great sequence where Curley fights two men ztooges another sequence on the dance floor where the boys try to pick pockets.

Curly goes insane whenever he sees a mouse, and only a mouthful of cheese will settle him down The Cheese! As another thug tries to beat up ccollars Stooge in the process, the Stooge punches the thug, then spins around as the thug tries to punch him, causing the thug to accidentally punch the other thug caught in the coat. Echo After Decker says "Thieves, huh?

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I'm with you. Curly "Ooohh, a woman! No explanation When the Stooges bow down to Nell, Moe bops Curly on the head, then all of Granny sex holland sudden, it cuts to Larry holding his face in disgust as Moe glares at him with a mean face as if he hit Larry, yet they didn't show it.

Production notes[ edit ] Horses' Collars was filmed on November 23—27, The kind of cheeses that Curly calls for are roquefortcamembertand limburger ; all three of which tnree known to have highly pungent aromas. An external stimulus — as with Curly spotting the mouse — that causes him to go bonkers was also used as a plot element in Punch DrunksGrips, Grunts and Groansand Tassels in the Air.

This goes on an on until the two thugs are eventually knocked out. Switching Hands When the Stooges are looking at the picture of the detective's wife, Curly has a pipe in his right hand, but in the next shot, it's in his left hand suddenly.

The waiter gets confused and asks "What do you mean? Curly goes nuts whenever he smells "Wild Hyacinth" perfume and only tickling his feet will settle him down