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Submissive couples stories

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I am real and not into games or BS. If you made it to the end of this chat,please respond with foley 45 in the subject line cohples that i can delete the junk coming thru. Not looking to have a online relationship, but yet a nice meal and maybe connect.

Age: 49
Relationship Status: Not important
Seeking: I Am Searching Real Dating
City: Rouyn-Noranda, El Dorado Hills, Fulton County
Hair: Dyed blond
Relation Type: Cougar Seeking Much Younger Men

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To stand there all but naked before a crowd of strangers in a public place, and not only naked but blatantly sexually aroused as well. The action will become harsher and more debauched as the unwilling contestants submiasive through their trials. I smiled at the two of them and then led Barbara off into another room. The plug was at its widest point and I pushed gently.

They then blackmail her into willingly recreating Fuck a girl Guangzhou scenes, only this time knowing that she is not having sex with her husband. Sound like a great get coupels, well it isn't!

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Her skin began to shine with moisture. First with Kelly, then with Scott, using my mouth and hands, I teased their nude bodies until they were both squirming in their bonds, just as aroused as they had been last night. One of Barbara's big fantasies was having her pussy stretched.

Barbara and Doug just smiled and said whenever we wanted to. She even got a couple of Christmas ornaments out and hung them from the ropes. Cindy had already gotten up.

I watched them as they walked toward the front door. Suddenly, another wave crashed around Jolina and she again she cried out as she came, more violently than before.

I sat down to watch their strip tease. We were almost to the plug's widest point.

We insist Kelly and Scott only tan in the nude, so they have no tan lines, lots of regular exercise keeps their asses toned super firm, and they each have such flawless skin. She switched the vibrator on high and soothingly whispered into Doug's ear.

Jolina had an excellent figure that her clothing didn't hide. I had to laugh, and tell coyples that they were still just novices in submission, and had hardly even begun their training. Both are obedient and need training from dominant male or female. I slapped Scotts bare ass.

Phil only grunted. The 2 are then knocked out, and when they come to, they are in their church, tied together naked, back to back, with pictures of what they've been through for the last year all over the floor. The bag showed s of collapse but still held three-quarters of its contents.

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Was it what he needed? Next, I took out a pair of ankle restraints and a spreader bar.

He must have been doing it for some time, as her eyes were half closed, her chest was flushed, and her very hard nipples were fully engorged. I inserted most of it into her and inflated it a little more, as Barbara gasped.

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Such a shocked expression on her face! He is 29, 5'10, athletic.

Barbara started up the car and we were on our way! I remembered too, that her butt plug was still in place, so I took the vibrator out of my hand, putting it in my other hand, and pressing it against the butt plug.

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I kept it there for a minute or so, then turned it off. I opened the door just as Phil was about to ring the bell. Jolina strained to watch what was happening to her husband. Phil's nipples were an angry red and a bit swollen.

They did so while letting out a couple of grunts and groans. Kelly responded this time. With my other hand, I raised the weight attached to his balls several inches and dropped it.

Jolina quickly took her husband's cock in her mouth and began working on it, her eyes riveted to the bag suspended above her. I ordered Jolina to suck Phil's toes. We all moved over to a seating area where we sat on comfortable sofas, while Kelly and Scott knelt on the floor, carpeted in that area by thread bare carpet.