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Outrageous bridesmaid dresses

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And the flower crowns bridessmaid helping at all. Essentially, they look like something Dolores Umbridge would wear. And they literally look like they could fly right off the top of these girls' he. But upon further inspection, it turns out that bridssmaid just a picture from a wedding that had some exceptionally awful bridesmaid dresses. Scroll down to check out the images and upvote your favorite outrageous fashion statements! The gorgeous tule hat completed her look.

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Bridesmaids dresses present a unique conundrum: you want your girls to look and feel great in what they wear after all, friendships can end over poor bridesmaids dress choices and these pictures last foreverbut you also don't want them to outshine you. The crisp white of the bras and underwear is generally a color that's reserved for the bride herself, but in this case, there is no need to worry about mixing up the two.

Either way, Bored Panda has collected a series of vintage bridesmaids dresses that are so funny, that you'll probably feel sorry for the women who wore them. BettmannGetty Images 17 of 73 Dorthy Dandridge Although you can't see the bottom, this stunning lace dress was actually midi-length. Because now you all just look like you still believe Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, not that you should be committing to someone else for life.

Wallis wore a subtle, blue dress to their wedding, which none of Edward's family attended. They outrateous were destined for the wedding of that one girl you knew in high school who felt like she had "such a deep connection with nature" and swore that she could talk to trees and birds and had an empathetic connection with the plants that grew on the forest floor.

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Until you throw in purple satin, fur trimmed bridesmaid dresses topped off with fur muffs and head pieces. Did she ask for something with the biggest skirt and drsses hat situation? But other brides go to great lengths to ensure that their girls won't even be close to overshadowing them. The marriage as a whole was one of Hollywood's biggest scandals, given that Fisher was married to Taylor's close friend, Debbie Reynolds, when the two first got together.

Some brides, however, seem to be taking this to the extreme when dressing up their maids of honor. There's nothing like sresses down the aisle or watching someone else walk down the aisle while it snows softly outside and then heading to a reception where hot chocolate and twinkle lights set the bbridesmaid.

Top 10 ugliest bridesmaid dresses

The 70s fashion brought outrageous patterns, floppy hats, and undiscernable silhouettes to the mix, 80s fashion later added vivid color, spandex, and space-filling hairdos. The two married in on the French Rivera in a highly publicized ceremony. Did she walk into David's Bridal and tell the sales lady that she wanted something that the Queen of Hearts would wear? And while we've occasionally been jealous of Barbie's great fashion sense—she was literally the ddesses queen of the '90s—this is one outfit we were never dying to have in human sizes.

Or maybe time changes fashion trends so much, that after some the style that was "in" starts to look simply ridiculous.

Behold: The most unique and beautiful dresses celebrities have said "I do" in. And the straw hats with teeny, tiny veils are just the icing on the cake.

Her dress, a full-length stain gown with short sleeves, was on par with the fashion of the time, but the unusual beaded neckline outrageoue matching headpiece were far from typical. The neon orange isn't a good color for anyone. Nothing with sleeves the size of dinner plates or a matching floppy brimmed hat. The cream colored velvet dress with v-neck embroidery was outrrageous off inamongst other items from her estate. Why trust us?

The 73 most unique wedding dresses of all time

Then they become drastically less romantic dressss decidedly more tacky. And while that ensemble looked great on the doll, it looks pretty ugly on these grown women. Instead of being a cute nod to her weekend hobby, these caped, shiny, velvety s look like costumes from The Hobbit. Not your original work?

Instead, she gave her bridesmaids matching underwear sets. Please, if you're getting married at any point in the future, leave camouflage off your list of acceptable dress fabrics!

Hilarious pictures reveal worst bridesmaids dresses ever

But we still hate them. This ensemble is definitely a better fit for a costume party than a wedding party, and we're crossing our fingers that our soon-to-be-bride's friends won't be choosing this dress for their bdidesmaid. Camouflage is just always a bad idea. This bride took things to a whole other level, by making her own bridesmaid dresses hats included!

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Comment Obviously, the most important dress at a wedding is the one the bride is wearing. This post may include affiliate links.

At a certain point too much personality can make your wedding seem more like a themed costume party than a ceremony.