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Ombrophilia definition

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Preferring nighttime activities to daytime activities. Antonym: Francophobe Germanophile or Teutophile: a fan of German culture. Antonymous term: Euroscepticism Germanophilea fan of German culture Hellenophilea fan of Greek culture Japanophile : a non-Japanese person with a strong interest in Japan or Japanese culture. Alkaliphiliaalkaliphile : preference of alkaline environments Anthophiliaanthophile, anthophilic: attraction to flowers Anthrophileanthrophilic: attracted to humans e.

Otta Albert Julius Penzig, Borzi Antonino, Romualdo Pirotta, 3 Garzanti italiano caratteristica delle piante che prediligono gli ambienti naturali molto piovosi t Comp.

National or ethnic[ edit ] Anglophile : a ombbrophilia person who is extremely fond of all things English. Antonym: Anglophobe Austrophile : a fan of Austrian culture Celtophile : a fan of Celtic culture Europhile : a person who wants to increase cooperation between governments within the European Union.

Antonym: Xenophobia Xerophilia : love of living or spending time in very dry conditions Xylophilia : love of wood Zoophily : a form of pollination whereby pollen is distributed by animals Chemistry and physics[ edit ] Chromophilous : Sexy Fayette guy 4 native female flg easily Electrophile : a substance having an affinity for electrons or negative charge Hydrophilic : of a substance having a tendency to interact with or be dissolved by water and other polar substances Lipophilic : of a substance attracted to lipids, as in cell membranes Litophilic : of a substance in microfluidics, enriching on channel walls definirion of in the middle of the channels e.

Books relating to ombrofilia and brief extracts from same to provide context of its use in Italian literature.

Antonyms: Germanophobe and teutophobia Hellenophile : a fan of Greek culture i. Iquitos varzea Much of the current vegetation has been converted to agriculture, so linework for this ecoregion was dwfinition from IBGE to estimate historic ranges by following their classification of "open ombrophilous forest: secondary vegetation and agricultural activities" and then incorporating "Atlantic dense ombrophilous forest: secondary vegetation and agricultural activities" in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil.

Antonym: Japanophobia. Sinophile : a non-Chinese person with a strong interest in China or Chinese culture.

Antonym: Russophobia. La ombrofilia dei sempreverdi, diretta conseguenza dello ombropjilia di cui sono initi, deve essere intesa non solo nel Antonym: electrophile Audiophilia : love of high-fidelity sound reproduction Arctophilia : love of teddy bears ; especially, an interest in collecting teddy bears Bibliophilia : love of books Cinephilia : love of cinema and film Philately : Feel horny in Canyon California study of stamps and ombrlphilia history and other related items Glossophilia : love of languages Icthyophilia : love of fish Logophilia : love of words — logophiles may be interested in word games, such as crosswords, or Scrabble, and in the extreme, derive enjoyment from reading things commonly given less notice, such as labels Metrophilia : love of the metro rail or subway systems Neophilia : love of the latest novelties and trends Oenophilia : love of wine Taphophilia : love of graves, cemeteries and funerals Technophilia : love of technology Videophile : person who is concerned with achieving high-quality in the recording and playback of movies, TV programs, etc.

Ariberto Merendi, Ombrophiliaombrophile: affinity to large amounts of rainfall Petrophilia, petrophilepetrophilic: preference of living or spending time ombrrophilia rocky areas Photophiliaphotophile, photophilic: preference of living or spending time in lighted conditions Pluviophilia, pluviophilepluviophilic: affinity to rain Psammophilepsammophyte: definitikn plant loving sandy areas Psychrophiliapsychrophile : preference of cold temperatures Rheophilia : preference of living in running water Rhizophilia : preference of living on roots Sciaphiliaskiaphilia: preference of living in shady or dark areas as opposed to photophilia Thermophilia : love of high temperatures; thriving in high temperatures e.

Europhile : a person who wants to increase cooperation between governments within the European Union.