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Mother in law sucked my dick Wanting Dick

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Mother in law sucked my dick

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) horny girls in Lake Charles Louisiana I was way to distracted by the thick thighs and best smile, i liked her look.

Age: 40
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She giggled and said ok that sounds interesting I'd like to hear what she has to say. She sucks me off as I play with her nipples, surprising her tits were bigger than I thought and not all that droopy, and her nipples are sensitive.

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I slip all 4 fingers in it and then use my thumb on her clitoris. I laid down next to her she said raise up I need some pillows under you. I asked her do you want to change position's?

I started nibbling and circling her clit gently with my tongue she started cumming hard she grabed my head and held it and she'd kind of dlck pulling my hair every time she started cumming which she did about every other minute for about 10 minutes. She grabbed my head and said suck my clit.

I told my wife she wasn't joking she jammed herself down hard on my cock I thought she was going to hurt herself we both laughed. She giggled a little and said I better get a towel or we'll be sleeping in a wet bed I rolled off her she sat up and grabbed a towel and started wiping my cock and used the other end on her pussy.

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She got up and laid on the couch again and it was obvious she wanted more finger fucking which I did with her cumming again. What happened to me just changed my life forever, I feel to be fully sexually satisfied now. She finaly said I can't take this anymore fuck me.

This time she stays on it and I can tell she is suckfd. Then she laid down on the couch and pulled her skirt up showing me she had no panties on. She said why would he,he just shot a load up your pussy 15 mintues ago why would he want to stop?

She couldnt believe how frigging deep she got my cock up her pussy she was saying if she didn't know better she would have thought it was in her stomach. She said so she asked if I could help out until she's had the baby and I told her I would if you dont mind?

I did. I laid back on the bed in a normal position and she said are you hungry I'll fix us somthing?

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After 10 minutes or so I shoot off a big load in her mouth and then she spits it in a kleenex. She had her eyes closed and kaw she said im not sure I can. I had been sitting up and now lean over and get a nipple in my mouth and start on her cunt again. She was about 50 I think. Hema requested Sobha to stay in our house to take of us and she accepted.

I said she's good. I kissed her and said are you sure? I saw her pussy and her complaints so many times that I imagined your huge penis and could visualise your actions. She said that was great jimmy now is ee why annies always so very satisfied I laughed with her.

I started playing with and pinching her nipples. I walked over and slipped my complete hand in sick huge very wet cunt and put my thumb on her clitoris and started rubbing.

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I let all my cum shots and it was really lot of lo flying out my dick. She said later I'll take care of you better Annie said you needed relief now so I thought I'd releive your full balls for now.

My wife came in about 5 minutes later smilling at me she asked how was your surprise? Our last was a month premature.

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She then gets on her knees and takes my cock in her mouth but does not do any thing. I tell her OK but I want get those big tittes out so I can play with them and she does.

My wife followed her. Thankfully Sobha was near, she held me and we got in a hug type position.

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It happened to be that Sobha and I were once colleagues in a textile factory so we were very friendly and when motjer came to know I was dating Hema and wanted to marry her she accepted happily. You think so?

She smilled back and said yeah I thought it would be nice if you 2 had some alone time to get to know each other like a man and women. I went in got undressed and hurridly ssucked a shower getting done at top spead wondering what kind of surprse she'd have. She said oh I see did you like her pussy better than mine?

I tried to move back but lost balance and Sobha held me by my waist closer and my dick rested on her face. You won't be dont worry about it he has enough cock for the both of us beleive me.

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About 6 years later was when this occurred as I was working thru the week were they lived and only went home to get blowjobs off laaw cock sucking daughter. The first week got with quite ease but what happened next is still like a dream for me. I watched as looked like she was steeling herself all of a sudden she dropped her weight and suckee herself on sucoed cock I could feel her belly inside her she she screamed pretty loudly ohhhhhhhhhhh I started trying to pump her pussy she no wait just let me get use to you and laughed nervous little laugh.

Linda had to have her daily cum fix no matter what and I guess Momma had peeped in the door as she was doing it.