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Moms panties stories

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I love to give the woman lots of attention and make her feel as specialhappy as possible. I am not waiting to change anyone's status just to have some sexy fun kissing and fondling. DONT USE FAILLIST m4w I think its sweet but MAN UP. Living Life Hi, I'm looking to date and hopefully find something serious. Im 6 foot tall skinny blnd blu eyed man.

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When the show ended, I stood. My husband always made fun of me when I got like that.

This was the home I'd grown up in. Just one. No one had touched me, let alone my mother.

My sister was off at college, she is two years older than my 18 years. Mom was lying on the bed propped up on the pile of pillows. Mom stroked my pulsing cock, almost milking me, each strong spurt shooting more semen onto her pussy omms panties.

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Smiling at the memory of that first time, I put Mom's powder blue panties back in the drawer. I told her that i couldn't find the ones that she was wearing when she was "cleaning" the house the other day.

I couldn't believe what I was doing. The way Mom put on pantyhose was erotic to me, and I wanted to see her do it again. They were fairly regular, hosted at different friend's homes, everyone well presented.

I felt her tongue probe my lips and as my mouth parted further I felt her warm tongue against mine. Raising her leg slightly one more time, her skirt slipped down.

Her voice changed. I just couldn't hide it.


Mom wouldn't have let that happen. I snuck quietly upstairs and replaced the old pair of panties under Greg's bed with this new pair.

Chapter Two I started with mementos and framed photos, packing them carefully. Taking another sip of whiskey, I played with Mom's silk panties in my hand and smiled at the memory. I felt the stir of excitement just like I had three decades ago. Undoing my pants, I fished my erection out and wrapped her panties around my shaft, soft cotton feeling so good.

Then Mom gently brushed my erection again before closing her fingers around it, gently squeezing it.

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The feel of the tight silk material was overwhelming, and my cock strained through almost ready to rip right through them. I was in heaven, as she sucked in one ball at a stlries, then began to slide her storiew up my shaft towards the head. Mom uncrossed and re-crossed her knees the other way and, for a brief moment, I saw her crotch and how her pussy seemed to strain against soft pink cotton. She asked if I took anymore.

I tugged the front of my silk panties down releasing my erection, settled over her and guided my cock to her cleft. The couch was the same - solid wood with floral upholstery, two matching armchairs, and a solid wood coffee table.

I storise Mom's hand as she gently took me in her hand, her fingers wrapping around my shaft and I shuddered with excitement. Almost shaking with excitement, I touched myself, pressing my cock up against my stomach, soft, cool silk against me. The camera was new at the time, with a nifty time delay feature - a small spring-loaded dial.

I was naked, then she motioned to the shower. She starts riding me hard.

Every item brought memories, some sweet, some sad. I won't be out late. I think Mom had been very tipsy that night, probably drunk.

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She reached in and turned on the shower in the small cubicle. Then she stroked me! I imagined each time that I would slowly remove all of my clothes and watch him masturbate while he stared at my naked body.