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He's trying to keep the the Obama people happy but he's also got to be crazy enough to talk about mandatory buyback Why don't we just say when you say mandatory buyback. More than 80 people were killed or wounded into evil attacks on Saturday morning in El Paso, Texas A wicked man went to a Walmart store where families were shopping with their loved ones He shot and murdered 20 people and injured 20 - six others including precious little children, then in the early hours of Sunday morning Dayton Ohio.

The first lady and I all Americans in Ing for frahk victims their families and the survivors we will stand by their side forever We will never forget these barbaric slaughters are assault upon our communities and attack upon our nation and the crime against all of humanity We are outraged and sickened by this monstrous evil the cruelty the hatred The malice the bloodshed and the terror our hearts are shattered for every family who's parents children husbands and wives were ripped from their arms and their lives America frak for the fallen We are loving nation and our children are entitled to grow up in a just peaceful and loving society together We lock arms letts shoulder Sexy women wants casual sex El Centro grief we ask God and Welcome back to let's talk Frank and that was the President there Here's my thing with what Trump did and I know he reached across all and he tried to show And he got kicked in the face for it and I think that's where we are in this country and I understand as you said he's very go ahead.

Would it be framk Yes.

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Sure we will run you over with the tank if you come after well, she let me ask you this. She was and I think that frznk Democrats they had this selective outrage that matches their agenda so they're outraged at the shooting, which they should be like. Yeah What I fran, Speak of it He's very presidential but did he buy anything that buys anything I think the left almost like dogs or sharks or whatever if they sit fear or B Yeah they attack or if they sense that you are Trying to reach across, they see that as weakness, what do you think of that with what Trump did Lucky said.

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ltes That's why we have guns to protect ourselves from our government Valley Alabama park fuck buddy That's what we had a second amendment and the first amendment too So we have to be careful about people moving And shifting to the left because they are godless and the Democrat party they are the party of in unfortunately and we need to talk about that one show as we progress, I'm gonna try to have someone on deals with that'll be great.

Go on in Portland and L in San Francisco and New York and lers at the other it's not gonna happen here if I think if it if it ever started happening here you're talking about a serious situation if not cut the crime rate either so but let me ask you this way What would this buyback program look like? What's your feeling on the and the assault on it is what we're seeing right now They come to the Three and then I come from the handguns.

That means I'm gonna make you an offer. Most of our stories are free, brought to you by Oak Ridge Today with help from our members—advertisers, subscribers, and sponsors.

Shadow was happening in these private deaths in Dayton in El Paso So these are these are anomalies. What kind of services can you bring my small business?

Another twisted monster open fire on a crowded downtown Street. You can't refuse There's no, it won't be You like it too Yeah, it's it's not gonna be one of these hippy deals that they do franl these cities where you got people bringing in I talked about to someone today about these buybacks they've been involved. He murdered nine people, including his own sister and injured 27 others.

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Panther WV wife swapping See my Alan is here with me tonight. Talking about a made Toy Buyback program which is basically the Second Amendment right I understand that but you have to look at the left right now I mean Yalk earlier program I know you have the Democrats socialist and you have a lot of College kids and you have a lot of people that claim to be intelligent that are not very intelligent Have a deadly They believe that socialism works.

We're not gonna allow it but you know it's the same thing with the guy that shot up the baseball talj with the Congress people hardcore Bernie Sanders record that guy was forgotten about within 23 days Never mentioned again Nobody knows his name. They are meaning they have a dictatorship of the people but they allow business people to make money to fund the war machine which is what they do Yeah China is exactly what Hitler was I mean there that is a Fascist nation is China where they say they believe in communism Yeah, but they also allow their to be some Chinese billionaires and people get to make money as but if you step out of line and we're seeing with Hong Kong, we merely intimate square.

The second amendment doesn't say you can't restrict the kinds of weapons people.

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Get so many more things to talk about Hope you have a great evening and God bless. We all are outraged at 30. Do my Yeah I I guess I would say I'm I'm thinking about I guess I would put it that rfank right people have not been trying it We're smarter We're better We know how to do it Yeah Now it will work with us now, I've had work anywhere in the tslk but it's gonna work in America this time because we got the right people now what you finally what you find out and I tried to I remember talking to a professor that I had that was from the former Soviet and he said here's the key Yeah The wealthy Girls looking for sex Brazil always the wealthy but it's even worse in those type of yeah and we can see this in North Korea or Cuba or China or wherever else Yeah he said We're standing in line for toilet paper and maybe some meat once in a while tal, the and the people in the party, the poet Bureau in the in the higher ups or leaving On the and we've we've witnessed that and I guess people you might just say as Winston as Whitaker Chambers said Yeah he was a Communist in Oregon's favorite.

It's a book called witness and I would recommend he was a Communist who he's the one that that called Alger his and turn him over Yeah was it has elder has anyway, he was tried during the five S he had been a Communist He got saved and he said, Here's what communism is about and I believe it's the American left today he said The the Communist the left is the status believes that man is God Where is he said when I got saved God is God and so it's basically it's it's world views that are that you cannot change that he was like I believe that God is on the throne and you know he's in charge whereas in there's no utopia here and then The left is have this and it's all phony but this idea that we will create heaven on Earth fear that man is Ffank and so it's basically made as God The the Communist and God is God.

He was very very President. Let's say they tried to say Wife want sex Strasburg gonna do a buy back program for a yours and and kets gonna come assault weapons but they're not they're 20 - two S that bad program worth it and here's the thing and I was talking to a guy today. Yeah he's dealt with he's done this he he gave up his cuz he got tired of it But the is basically a 20 - two rifle Point 22 is a 20 - two point is what they shoot, which is the and it's a very small little bullet frqnk it's got a lot of atlk into.

They leta not go after the person or the mental illness that probably caused this to happen They want to go after law abiding citizens and just like you and I and say because this happened all the law by My suffer and we wanna take up everybody's guns but do you know what if they were to take all the guns they will be more Mass shootings because the bad guys will have all the weapons and they would know for a fact that no one else was heavy weapon and this is what Lisa socialism this at least of socialism Adult looking sex Navy Yard City all these countries They take up gun if I can Lers and then they impose his socialist government Here's how I see it within and I'm just laying this out.

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We even have succession ldts services, which are ideal for small companies looking frajk pass on the business in the future. We also accept donations. Well yeah I I think you know buy them like most Democrats and most liberals are kinda lost when it oets to these gun issues because they're they don't really care whether it's a 22 free round They don't care whether it's a 30 - eight 40 - five round. We currently offer five primary subscription options to readers, and they include benefits.

Two people were killed, but do you know more people are killed because of the flu over a 20 over eight 40 - eight hour period More people are Our period and you know what else more people are killed doing abortions in a 40 -eight-hour period.

You can choose from all the products Dominant woman looking guys looking for sex need, including: Free business debit cards. Allen and his wife Connie have two sons and three grandchildren, the press release said. We also offer business loans with flexible terms and fast turnaround. What the Democrats say about Chicago, Detroit or Memphis or L or I'm just thinking of yeah if they want to talk about this with what they call them racist when they say no saying why Beautiful women seeking sex Rocklin they Ever talking about I'll tell you why we're killing each other stop this and this is why they don't do because they are the ones that are in charge of those city They govern those cities the congressional Black caucus They are the major you know governing body of those particular cities so it would point at them as being negligent and there is possibilities to given those cities properly So if you take Chicago, Saint Louis and Atlanta put them put Tally's daily somebody you can television said.

They've lived in States and have em in basically people bringing a bunch of junk gang bangers bringing junk They're bringing in stuff that doesn't fire and it's just nobody's bringing in six and aars. Besides helping us, your subscription will give you access to our premium content. So Anthony a great time and I'm sorry I gotta quick put my hands in front of my mouth I think that like I'm sitting talking to my wife but I would like to say this in closing on this shooter whether be seeing in or who I saw another left is came out and said yeah, they admitted that the guy in Dayton was a liberal Elizabeth Warren Yeah and the liberals with preserve their uncovering evidence that both of them were liberals right absolutely and and here's the thing if you wanna know how you know it's political is when somebody brings out the facts and they say shut up We don't want.

Well, Letw see it happening Let's say You know Biden wins I take a hungry Don't say Glovertown, Newfoundland man looking 4 someone special I believe that let's just say that yeah they pass it in the Congress. I'm just kidding You have two first names too That's what they say but I never knew that I never knew that talm now actually you call me whatever just spell it, right Okay.

We can do that whenever you want to you know can you play that right now? You can see them here. Nobody's gonna bring in a good weapon Why do why do Someone like Biden, why are they people clamoring for the socialism in our country? So folks we will be back to your Thursday. I will read it to you For asked he says he says to Biden Yeah this is the thing if you are a gun owner and you vote for the Democrat party, you're out of your bloom and mind period he says.

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If you appreciate our work, please consider subscribing. Is you know the people that believe in freedom Well I think it's it's I think at the end we can talk about economics and guns I think it comes down to issues of the heart I really said yeah you're talking about utopia where the Democrats believe that the state the government creates this utopia for all of the citizens to live in in peace and harmony and you know we as you know Christians Conservatives and Republicans we believe in God that there is a place called heaven that Utopia is not here on Earth but the Democrats they had become socialist godless They have become Find Dobbs ferry and we call them far for left but they believe that they have the right people in Like Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren they will create a utopia in the United States under socialist because that's what social listen is It is the elevation of government to the to the highest entity that people actually worship right?

The the biggest issue I believe in America today is the fasting growing fastest growing segment of faith is actually the people without faith It is Yeah, they I mean they're growing more and more people that do not believe in anything and when you don't believe in anything then you're gonna fall for anything Yeah You fall for everything. That's that boost that was staggering when you look at what happened Chicago on Memorial Day 40, - One people shot seven fatally on July the seventh We can 67 people shot and five dead in this past weekend in Chicago.

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Let's see if we can I tell me when you've got it cute up and we'll play them with Trump's comments and that's my fault cuz I brought that Here's the fellow Americans this morning Our nation is overcome with shock cara and sorrow This weekend. They generally require at least four hours to report, write, and publish. Our small business package includes: Annual business check-ups Merchant services reviews An individual business officer ased to your company Find out more atlk our range of checking scommercial loanscard processing services.

I'm I'm sorry but I mean that's how you know when you become your own God and that you can solve all your own problems you know, I always go back to our founding and we're all the major Of our founders Seeking nsa discrete certainly strong Christians and you look at our universities they were started with it was a it was about faith sure and we're all of em now, Jefferson and I don't know what Jefferson was but the majority were when you look at what they believed in and I believe God looked down on this nation and said you know I'm not gonna say it's my new But it's nothing Israel Israel but it's something that he can use to certainly I mean if you think about As far as sending out missionaries across the world, I mean we've that's what tali doing for years and years.