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Double standards aren't my thing.

Supporting racist Vines will only encourage the creators to make more, further enforcing stereotypes. Yahoo kept forwarding me to another when I tried the "comment link".

King Bach, an African American Viner, often posts stereotypical videos that enforce negative African American stereotypes. At first, it was my guilty pleasure. Barr hope it's not true that his got deleted due to the "racist" nature of his jokes.

And so would a lot of other vines if that were true. As we laugh and share these videos with our friends, we make racism a laughing matter.

Josh kwondike bar when someone proves you wrong #relateable boq 26, people like this

Because of this, desperate comedians disguise their prejudice in the name of humor. Josh Kwondike Bar is an Asian teenager who exclusively preys on Asian stereotypes for attention.

He's an Asian making jokes about Asians. African Americans make jokes about African Americans The trend right now is to make a video comparing two jpsh stereotypes.

Source s : Kids from his school 3. Share this:. Subtle racism is an issue that is becoming more and more prevalent in our generation.

These videos passively teach us to expect a group of people to jossh a certain way. If it was that, he would have been deleted long before he was.

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Viners should take responsibility for the harm their videos cause to every minority. Vine did not start subtle racism, but it has made it more accessible to youth.

However, many unoriginal Vine comedians have resorted to racial slurs and stereotypes in order to substantiate their six seconds of internet glory. in Anonymous 7 years ago His vine did not get deleted because of racism.

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In his Vines he wears a visor, squints his eyes, and says things in an unrealistic and inaccurate Chinese accent. The Asian stereotypes he makes light of include bad driving, squinted eyes, and intelligence. Even if racism kwondikd accompanied by a few laughs, it is still racism and it is still prejudice.

Caucasians make jokes about Caucasians Racism is a serious issue that should not be belittled and made fun of. Perfectly legitimate.

Racism is so deeply rooted in our society that it is now affecting the language and humor we use every day, and that is not a culture that I want to be a part of.