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Seeking Real Sex Gay male masturbation stories

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Gay male masturbation stories

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If anything sounds interesting hit me with a message. Im not looking for only in the mals. Just star searchin. I like living and being in the country.

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A week or two into the semester, something came over Chris and Erik. The exhibitionist in me loved it but I could tell he wasn't completely comfortable having already shot his load and was on the downside. He tapped Chris on the shoulder. Erik looked at Chris, Chris looked at Erik.

Masturbating with friend's cum

Once out of Renee's hearing, Erik joked "Looks like she's got dessert ready for you. We looked at each other's cocks; his soft penis looked, well just like a soft penis. We worked together all day at the house.

He could see her huge nipples straining against the thin fabric of her now see through top. At the same time they both said "You'll never guess what I did. It was Rob from next door. To see his cock was fascinating.

I realized, sitting in the car, when returning to his house, that there was a big wet spot clearly visible on my light- colored jeans, on my right thigh, at the end of my out-stretched cock. However, Chris liked history and Erik loved philosophy.

Much as he tried to stay absolutely silent, it was obvious he was getting really hot from it. Have you ever talked with a straight friend about masturbation? How about you?

Mark admitted that he masturbated several times a day, and that he sometimes masturbated while driving. I didn't particularly like the hot sticky, gooey feeling of it, but wanted to prolong his orgasm for as long as possible and kept wanking him, feeling the spasms and drawing his spunk out until he was completely spent. His parents were doctors, so money was not a problem.

To start with, we just stood there, looking intensely.

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On rare ocassions, we talked a little about masturbation. Sgories were off on both sides of the road and the highway patrol urged people not to travel.

They even shared the same birthdate, September Get your perverted little mind on something else. For a while, I just did that, feeling my palm and fingers against my head and then his. storifs

Gay masturbation stories

Cindy and Chris were high school classmates, as were Erik and Melanie. He asked Erik if he was hungry and wanted to go storoes a pizza.

He was non committal and just stood then and having finished peeing, turned towards me and held it up and out as if it were erect. Chris then got bold. He noticed something was odd, and asked me what I was doing. You don't have anything to be ashamed of, either," Chris pointed at Erik's pulsating mssturbation.

My first gay experience

I can see we're gonna have a lot of fun together. Let's go in here".

You win. I lie back, thinking about my bum, how it feels and the cum that's inside. He stood up with Erik still stroking him. If I didn't know better, I'd say we were twins separated at birth.

I think I strained something! As we sat there, eating breakfast, and talking, I worked my leg until gobs of my cum issued quietly from the end of my cock.

Erik said "YO! I've gotta' go to the Ag campus, and I can't go lookin' like you.

We've been skiing all day. Have you ever masturbated while talking on the phone to a straight male friend?

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Erik said he tried to at least once a week. Main ro in the city had been plowed, but outlying areas were still snowbound. They'll be here before you know it. I was so used to my straight shaft, that I felt like I would have to almost slightly twist my wrist around as I went up and down.

They put on some workout clothes and went to the recently installed gym downstairs. A long line of questions later, they realized they were the exact same masturabtion, weight and age.

An embarrassed Chris said "Oh, sorry.