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Free otome games for pc Want Sexy Meeting

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Free otome games for pc

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This is my very first otome game, I think 2. I certainly hope the creators keep writing and keep drawing because the world needs more otome games like this. Proceed with caution. My advice? Cupid has some heavy and dark themes.

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This game has it all. Bonus: Dark Nights Though this beauty is not yet available, the creator, Pinlinis hard at work and is looking to announce a playable demo soon. otoms

Now, with that in mind, I do suggest using the donate option on the website to reward the creators for their hard work, even if all you can spare is a couple dollars. The voice acting gave me chills, the story arcs are interesting with very believable motivation and stakes.

Top 7 best free otome games

But not that explicit. The madhatter?

Seduce Me also free and available on Steam 5. Magical Otoge Ciel this one is free to play on Steam too 3. Konbini Life I'm not sure if the dev finished this yet. Definitely enjoyable, and as with all Pacthesis games, the characters are each unique and interesting.

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Here are a list of those free PC games I actually liked: 1. So cute! They announced it would be free when it's done so keep in watch of it. Yori inactive itch.

The 30+ best pc otome games on steam

Asagao Academy For fans of the Normal Boots team on youtube, here is a dating simulator where you can finally act out your love for the adorkable crew! The visuals I can certainly attest to being strong, warm, and of excellent quality, so give it a download and let me know your first hand experience! Locked Heart 4.

. Cute Demon Crashers! I only played the demo but it's really good.

L in Distress 7. And again—all of this is free!

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The CGs are beautiful and top quality, the plot is usually a fun romp through the romantic or ridiculous sometimes both and the guys are actually varied and, yes, always attractive. The white rabbit—or maybe the secret character waiting inside the maze of the castle? You can find love in either a steampunk Norman Oklahoma casual dating or a technologically diverse future, where handsome men and secret characters make the slim storyline much more interesting.

Choose from the best friend type, the older brother type, a robot, a kid with no hands, a clock maker, an adorkable clumsy man from the past, and many more.

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Acacia is probably the most interesting and wild main character its been my pleasure to play, and I love how she grows throughout the story as well to realize her happy endings. Seduce Me Straight from the hands of creator Michaela Laws, this is definitely one of my favorite games. Still, if it improves on the already delightful first one like everyone says, it may be worth the money.

Wonderland Days Created by Deviantart member Pacthesis, this game stars you as the Alice feee tumbles down into a wacky, whimsical Wonderland. The cheshire cat? Potential players should be aware that it can get a little steamy in the end—if you choose that option.