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Daddy spreads my legs

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Think you had a slight attraction to me. No plans for New Years Eve.

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She had been working hard at finishing up a paper for school and had not changed after dinner. He gets a big bath towel, wraps it round me and rubs me dry, all over, even between my legs, and gives me a big hug. The doctor said leggs about my hymen being ruptured and asked if I rode a horse or did gymnastics.

My dad comes in. Into my bedroom, young lady. All the time I have a big, happy smile on my face.

She began to pull it up, slowly rising until she held it high above her waist. He patted her pussy mound.

For that I have to spank you. Tawny could feel speads pussy begin to get wet as she felt his hand running over her flesh, making her naked for him.

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He knew she was resisting the urge to stop him. Tawny hurriedly ate breakfast, wanting to leave and get the incident behind them. He had ordered her to help him. As he looks at it, I can see his cock getting stiff in his underpants. I just gaze at it for several seconds.

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She shook her breasts, trying to free them from his fingers but only succeeded in further stimulating her father as he watched daxdy breasts move about under her blouse, his fingers still grabbing the nipples tightly. He slapped her ass twice, both times hard.

It's like I'm betraying him. A man had actually seen her naked body and from his stare, was drawn to it.

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My dad laughed. Next time I want to taste it all. He looks at me and asks, "Are you alright? I'm looking at his lehs, which is soft.

Then I straddle him, sitting with my pee pee right on his cock, and move my hips about. She quickly moved her hands to the floor, her palms flat on the floor, holding her body from falling.

Another yelp by Tawny, her body jerking on his lap, her stomach rubbing against his hard cock, making it jump and twitch in his pants. Her sobbing increased in tone as she the fingers moving over her skin, a finger searching for her ass crack and beginning to push down between it. Please, Daddy, think of something else?

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Michael was in his mid-forties, ten years older than Ann. It was not what she was expecting.

I thought it was naughty, but I liked watching her do it. She did not really think of herself sexually until this moment, nor did she think that anyone else would see her in that light.

It's a nice big bed. His fingers moved around and grabbed her breasts.

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Tawny at first cringed at the thought of staying in the living room with her Dad and watching television once her mother left. I make it look like an accident but I think we both know it isn't.

The skirt reached her crotch, his fingers lightly touching her mound from behind. I take the shorts off and look again.

She sat on the overstuffed chair, tucking one leg under her. We had gym this afternoon. I call down and my dad comes up into my bedroom. s;reads

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Another hand crept lower and pushed against her pussy and lehs to push in her tight, hot pussy. It was not what she had dreamed about.

He did not do it very hard.