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In the United States, banks and other economic entities use their own routing numbers to help differentiate themselves. They consist of 9 digits and are sometimes referred to as routing transit numbers, ABA tracking numbers, or RTNs.

  • You should already know your account number since it was probably sent to you in the mail when you first started the account. As for your routing number, it is not always provided to you as evidently and as upfront as possible. You have to learn where to search for it.
  • If you have a bank of America checking account, you’ll need to understand your routing number at some stage. Sometimes this number is also called the ABA number.
  • The Federal Reserve Banks need routing numbers to handle transactions of Fedwire money. The ACH network also requires them to handle transactions of digital nature –such as immediate deposits and deposit payments.

To send an ACH transfer to any Bank of America account, the ACH routing number must be included. You will have to use the ACH routing number that varies from state to state to send a national ACH transfer. Banks are already using routing numbers for all kinds of economic transactions.

Bank of America Routing Number

You may also need one if you want to make one of the following: set up a direct deposit or pay bills automatically from your Bank of America account. Have payouts like an income or pension deposited in your account. Pay in a check. Make a wire transfer or ACH payment to somebody in the US.

The routing number you need from the Bank of America will vary based on the transaction. You may need one amount to obtain ACH transfers, and another to start up automatic deposit payments.

How to find your routing number?

The routing number for wire transfers is 026009593 for all Bank of America accounts.

Most companies have only one routing number, so you might believe all Bank of America’s routing numbers are one and the same. That’s not the situation, though. They are divided by state and sometimes by region. For example, California’s routing number of records is 121000358, while New York’s account amount is 021000322. There are more than one numbers in some states. For instance, Illinois has four routing numbers. The number is 071000505 for accounts opened in northern Illinois, 081904808 for South, 081904808 (Electronic) and 071103619 (Paper) for Chicago.

  • Additionally, you can also get your chequebook linked with your checking account and glance at the base of one of the checks. You might see two or three sets of digits on the bottom column. The first batch of digits at the top corner of the check is your routing number. It should have a length of 9 digits.
  • You can also visit your local savings office of Bank of America and ask a server to send you the routing number. You can also check the internet routing number FAQ of BofA at

A bank may have a few distinct routing numbers, but they are never communicated with other companies. This helps to ensure that your deposit arrives where it is intended.

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