Banana Republic Credit Card: Is it Worth Buying?

Talking about, Banana Republic Credit Card it is issued by Synchrony Bank, is basically used for earning store rewards, but there are other benefits that this card gives which will attract customers to have it like early access to exclusive offers, free shipping on qualifying orders, even a birthday gift, annual fee of $0. So in this article we give some benefits as well as drawbacks to help you decide whether to go for this card or not.

Banana Republic Credit Card

The complicated rewarding system

Rewards can be earned using Banana Republic Visa Credit Card by shopping at banana republic and its sister brands stores like Gap, Old Navy and Athleta. There are other store version cards, but you can use this card anywhere VISA cards are accepted, the reward policy works as

  • 5 points for every $1 spent on Gap Inc. brands, in-store and online
  • 1 point for every $1 spent elsewhere

Each point has worth of 1 cent, but the catch is that you cannot redeem these points as a cash, you can only use them to purchase clothes as in form of in-store currency. In simple language, $10 rewards will provide you discount of $10 of goods purchased. There is another policy related rewards issuance that after increment of $5, which means first have to earn 500 points and up to $50 max. Max $250 rewards can earned in one billing cycle.

If the reward point you collect within billing period and it is less that what is required to get you to the next $5 level or it more than maximum number. In that case the extra reward points will be carry forwarded to the next month cycle and the time line validity of each reward point is two year from date of your recent purchase. That is complexity related to reward collection regarding Banana freedom Visa credit card.

It is better to have LUXE status

If you are willing to get more value from your card then you must quality for LUXE status. This status is for those who do lot of purchase and earn minimum of 5000 pints in year. After this status you are eligible to get following additional benefits.

  • You will get bonus of additional 20% of total reward points at the end of each calendar quarter.
  • Free shipping facility on all online orders by using “LUXE” code.
  • Free basic alterations facility on Banana Republic clothes.
  • VIP facility to set up a “Choose Your Own Sale Day”
  • Have access to a dedicated customer service phone line

To have Luxe status, you have to reach required reward target for each calendar year.

3. It don’t carry a balance

The major drawback of Banana Republic Visa credit card is it doesn’t offer any kind of introductory interest-free period purchases. The APR is around 28.24 % which, is around 10% higher in comparison to other credit cards. So, this card is not that good for purchasing clothes and carrying balance.

4. Providing your email and going paperless earns extra rewards

As from June 2019, the banana republic visa credit card is offering various benefit of $10 to its users those who opted to go paperless billing, they just have to go to its official website and submit their email id (worth 500 points) and opting paperless billing (worth 500 points). There is no complexion about it, registering your email and opting paperless means you will get news and bills related to your card online.

5. If you have ambiguity about this card, then consider these alternatives.

In case you have doubts about the banana Credit card and it is not right for your shopping requirements there are some alternatives you may choose.

  • TJX Rewards Credit Card: In case, you like to shop regularly clothes for your Almira then this card can be the good choice for you.
  • Nordstrom Credit Card: If you like to shop and earn rewards along it then Nordstrom Cedit card can be a good option for you.
  • Citi Double Cash Card: In case, you want to have all-rounder credit card to go and shop anywhere around then Citi Cash Card will be good fit.


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